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First, welcome to How To Sing Better (Now).  Glad you found us.  This blog is run by a couple of sing-a-holics looking to connect with like-minded sing-a-holics and share what we’ve found during our experience of learning to sing better over the past few years.  Whether you are a professional singer or just someone who wants to sound better in the shower, we hope you find something useful.

Second, the name of the blog may seem a little misleading.  You may think that the “now” part means there is a quick fix to become a better singer.  

But in this case, it doesn’t.

Learning to sing better, like learning any other skill in life, takes practice.  There are no shortcuts.  

What we mean by “now” is this:  When we are singing–whether in practice or performance–the time is always now.  There should be no worrying about homework, bills, chores, jobs, what other people think of our singing, or, more importantly, what we think of our own singing.  Just us committed to expressing ourselves in that moment. 

We look forward to sharing resources, techniques, and exercises for improving the quality of your voice and for helping you express yourself fully.

Again, welcome and thanks for stopping by.


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